Wine Club

Enjoy having our best and newly released wines delivered directly to you at a discount when you join our wine club. We have two options to suit your tastes – one is "Reds only" and the other includes "All Wines". Shipments are made shortly after bottling (weather permitting), which generally occurs 3 times a year: Spring, late Summer, and late Fall.


Reds Only 

This option allows you to focus on your favorite varietals. We will send one bottle each of all new dry red wines to the "Reds Only" club.

All Wines

Not satisfied with just the reds? The 'All Wines' option includes a bit of almost everything that makes it to a bottle.


Cost will vary depending on which wines are bottled. If you'd like to participate, call, mail or (this option is probably best) email us through our contact page.

The wines and shipping will be discounted and may include wines not otherwise available.