2016 Pinot Noir Wy'east

The grapes for Sineann's 2016 Wy’east Pinot Noir come from a magic vineyard in the Hood River Valley. We get our best Pinot Gris from this vineyard and starting in 2002, a bit of Pinot Noir.

The Hood River Valley is a famous fruit growing region about an hour east of Portland.  Renowned for its wonderful apples, pears and cherries, we feel it will become equally well known for its vineyards.

Hood River sees somewhat higher daytime temperatures than the Willamette Valley and significantly less precipitation. Most of the Hood River Valley is at elevation, though, which tempers the additional heat and delivers cool nights. Wy’east, for instance, is at 1600 feet of elevation.

The “holy grail” of wine grapes is ripe fruit with good acidity. Hood River produces fruit with these qualities consistently. Watch its reputation grow as more vineyards are planted and more great wines are made from those vineyards.

The 2016 vintage was very good to the Columbia Gorge appellation. It has great natural acidity, a beautiful mid-palate and a long finish - pure luscious cherry notes lingering on and on.

Pinots from Wy’east age very well.

2017 Pinot Noir Wy'east also available.