2015 Cabernet

Phinny Hill

Our second vineyard-designated Phinny Hill Cabernet!  The wines off this site are spectacular.  We easily could have vineyard-designated wines years ago, but have restrained ourselves until now.

The vineyard sits on a hillside overlooking the famed Champoux Vineyard.  Paul Champoux is assisting vineyard managers Dick and Brandon Beightol with our portion of the vineyard.  Frankly, this should be a better site – sitting as it is on a hillside – than Champoux Vineyard.  I’ve often maintained that vineyard management is as important as “terroir”.  Pay attention as we put that assertion to the test.

The wine is classic Columbia Valley Cabernet – dark and well-balanced, aromas of cassis and cedar, an assertive palate.

It is food-friendly and will age very well.

2016 Cabernet Phinny Hill also available.